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Justin // Barista

Justin // Barista

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"We've been on the hunt for a spicier chai flavor, and we've found something that has a European twist."

-Manager Kateland

Autumn brings with it flavors that are nostalgic and full of cherished memories for warmingthe heart--one being pumpkin spice, of course! Here are your specialty drinks and items on the Table's Fall Menu that can't be missed during this harvest season!


Noah // Barista

Noah // Barista


Real, smooth chocolate chunks from Winston-Salem's Black Mountain Chocolate are the foundation of The Table's hot chocolate. The not-too-sweet chunks dissolve beautifully and yield a dark, cayenne-cinnamon kick to this warm drink. For coffee lovers, this chocolate also pairs well with a shot of espresso for the perfect mocha.


This spicier chai has got a nice kick to it and is enjoyable to the palette. Try it steaming hot on a cool Autumn day or iced/blended (for those of you who can't get enough of those cold drinks no matter how chilly it is outside!).


Our favorite Fall flavor comes hot or cold, as well (in a latte or however you like it)! This specialty syrup is made in-house by combining a strained mixture of fresh pumpkin puree, cinnamon sticks, allspice, nutmeg and ginger to a simple syrup. 

Counter Culture & Black Mountain Chocolate

Take home a bag of freshly roasted Counter Culture coffee beans (from Durham, NC) or a locally-made canister of artisan drinking chocolate from Black Mountain Chocolate (from Winston-Salem, NC).

This is not your average powdery-cocoa hot chocolate!
This is dairy-free, grown-up hot chocolate--made with real chocolate to sip, not gulp.  Choose from Signature Dark, Cayenne-Cinnamon or Ginger-Nutmeg.  In Signature Dark, the chocolate is the star of the show.  Or spice it up a bit with Cayenne-Cinnamon, just enough to warm the mouth.  Ginger-Nutmeg tastes just like Autumn in a mug. It tastes great in coffee, too!

Instructions for the perfect sipping chocolate:
Place 3 T in the bottom of a mug, add 6 ounces of steaming hot milk (can use almond or soy milk), allow to melt for 1 minute, then whisk until frothy. (8 oz. canister makes about eight servings).


"For true coffee lovers out there, the espresso con panna is a smooth drink with a lot of pizzaz."  

-Manager Kateland

Espresso con panna, which means "espresso with cream" in Italian is a double shot of espresso (2 oz. each) with a generous dollop of housemade whipped cream on top. There is something spectacularly elegant and satisfying about this drink. The Table prepares theirs with walnut bitters, which adds another layer of "oomph" when you need it.  

Don't be shy to ask your Table baristas for their
recommendations or opinions on espresso drinks if you've never tried them before. They have a wealth of knowledge to share! 


Pick up a copy of Our State Magazine's November issue. You might see a familiar place that we all know and love! 

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