December at the Table

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...


"The Table's Yule Log (Buche de Noel) is made of pumpkin genoise (roulade), rolled up in a caramel buttercream, iced with chocolate ganache and garnished with meringue mushrooms."
-Pastry Chef Jill


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at The Table! It's decked with boughs of holly and sparkly lights and decorations twinkling in the windows. Come and experience the magic!

What's more cozy and nostalgic of Christmastime than chestnuts roasting on the open fire and Jack Frost nipping at your nose? So, The Table celebrates with the time-honored Yule Log. The history of the Yule Log dates back to the early 1600's when families would gather at the end of December to welcome in the New Year and clear the air of last year's events. They would burn logs decorated with holly andpinecones keeping the ashes as good luck for the coming year.

The Buche de Noel is a log-shaped cake meant to evoke the Yule Log that once burned in European hearths throughout Christmastime.  It's traditionally made of layered or rolled genoise (Italian sponge cake), filled with mouse or buttercream and decorated with meringue mushrooms, forest creatures or holly leaves.

The Table's Pastry Chef, Jill, shares the delicious specifics of their Yule Log: " Our Buche de Noel is made of pumpkin genoise (roulade), rolled up in a caramel buttercream, iced with chocolate ganache and garnished with meringue mushrooms."


You can either fill out an order slip at the register at The Table or call an order in.

The last day to put in an order is Friday, December 18th.

Available to order:

  • Chocolate or Pecan Pie (9") $15
  • Pumpkin Yule Log $35
  • Egg Nog Pound Cake $35
  • Handcrafted Pie Box $24

Cranberry-walnut loaf

We use this yummy bread on our Chicken Salad Sandwich (Lunch Menu). It's a great holiday bread that pairs well with Christmas dishes.


"We're phasing in Gingerbread Lattes and other wintry flavors for our espresso and coffee drinks." 
-Barista Justin

"I love the cold Winter season with it's snow and warm fires--I feel most like myself," muses Barista Justin (pictured below). He fills us in onwhat's happening behind the barista bar: The Table is phasing out the Fall's pumpkin flavors and introducing wintry flavors in your favorite coffee drinks. The offerings for the holidays include Homeland Creamery Eggnog and Noble's Bourbon-Maple and Gingerbread Lattes. Check out Noble brand syrups for sale in The Table Market.

This year's Counter Culture holiday coffee blend, called Iridescent, offers an easy, approachable flavor profile based on coffees from the Americas that is sweet and complex with notes of chocolate. "I really like it. It's a good, solid, complex coffee. It's strong and smooth in a shot of espresso," comments Justin. And don't forget, for your friends and family members who are coffee-lovers, a bag of Iridescent coffee beans (plus a Table coffee mug) is great for Christmas gift-giving!


"There is nothing like an overflowing, abundant gift basket for the perfect I LOVE YOU or THANK YOU this season." 
-Owner Dustie

The Table's Market is stocked with beautiful gifts to make up the perfect holiday gift basket for friends and family.

From olive oils, specialty salts, Goat Lady Dairy, honey and hand creams from Savannah Bee, Bee's Knee's spicy honey and maple syrups, Lov Tea and Counter Culture's Holiday Coffee (Iridescent) blend (phew!), you will never be short of goodies to add to your basket. Or you can fill to the brim one of our French Market Totes.  

Our wonderfully creative bakers are also creating specialty cookies, breads and mixed nuts for an added treat. So, while you're waiting in line to order, take a peek. There are so many treasures that you can't find anywhere else, and come fill up while supplies last!


A special Christmas THANK YOU from Executive Chef Deanna...

"Another remarkable year at The Table is almost over. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the entire community.  May God bless you this Christmas as you've blessed me by allowing me to serve you. I'm inspired and excited for the new year and to offer even more in 2016."

Deanna's holiday soup, Squash-Sage-Ginger, is to-die-for (pictured below). Make sure to check the Feature Chalkboard for other daily holiday specials!


We will close for Christmas weekend starting Thursday, December 24 at 2:30pm. We will re-open on Tuesday, December 29.  

We will also be closed on New Year's Day: Friday, January 1.

Have a wonderful time celebrating with your friends and family. See you in 2016!



Great news those of you who live in the Triad! We are thrilled to announce that The Table will be opening a second location in downtown Greensboro in 2016.

Click here to read the article about the new place located on 227 S. Elm St. published in News & Record Greensboro. Thanks for all your support!


Photos by:  Justin Moore & Nathan Richards
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