February at the Table


____ ISSUE  No. 7 ____

Happy Valentine's Day!


"Roses are red, violets are blue, stop by The Table and have a macaroon or two!"

Our Bakery is filling up the shelves to the brim with sweet treats for this weekend! The Table will feature a special chef's menu on the Friday and Saturday before Valentine's Day (February 12-13). Come by and visit with your Sweetheart or your Gal-entine!

For Valentine's Day The Table is featuring handmade chocolates. All of our chocolates are crafted in-house, only a few dozen at a time. We are excited to introduce Chocolate Almond Clusters, whole raw almonds covered in Belgian dark chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of French grey sea salt. For truffle lovers we are making small batches of Love Truffles. These simply elegant squares of rich ganache are encased in dark chocolate, labeled with "love" and edible rose gold luster. For the kid in all of us we have adorable Chocolate Lollipops. Get them while they last!

White Chocolate Baguette

Stop.  Whatever you're doing.  Grab your car keys and drive to The Table to snag a decadent white chocolate baguette (for Saturday only). It's our delicious french baguette with morsels of molten white chocolate chips oozed into the bread's nooks and crannies. It is perfect for breakfast (french toast!), a little snack or any time in between. Once you try it, you're going to wonder how you ever lived without it. Buy two--one for you and one for your Valentine.


"For me, coffee is more than just a drink or a fast jolt of caffeine." -Barista Justin

"I love how complex coffee can be. As a Table Barista, learning about the intricacies and detailed work that goes into a single cup of coffee is a joy of mine. For me, coffee is more than just a drink or a fast jolt of caffeine. Having access to many origins of beans from all over the world (through Counter Culture) at The Table has broadened my appreciation of great coffee. Moreover, I've learned various brewing methods.

I particularly love the pour-over method. To make a pour-over, 30 grams of beans are ground (medium coarse grind), and water is boiled to 200 degrees using a goose-neck kettle (allows for optimal precision). I love the pour-over method because when the boiling water hits the freshly ground coffee it creates a bloom the releases the natural gas within the bean. It pulls out an aromatic experience highlighting the particular flavor notes of that bean.

I invite you to come in and talk with me about coffee. I'd love to help you find your perfect cup!"


"Perfect little gifts that say I LOVE YOU..."

Our Market is stocked with cute gifts and treats for you and your Valentine. Come by and check out our wide selection of colorful Lov teas and beautiful linen aprons. We're also carrying a line of Savannah Bee body butter and hand lotions. Perfect little gifts that say I LOVE YOU are just a drive away!

Along with quality teas to purchase in The Market, Manager Kateland also shares about the variety available to you over the barista counter: "For all you tea-lovers out there, this cold February we are serving up our delicious Løv Teas. Their wide varieties of herbal blends make them enjoyable for all who want something cozy to drink this winter. You can't go wrong with any choice! Perfect for a nice morning brunch with some jam and toast with your husband or wife or delightful to serve to a friend with some of our famous shortbread cookies, our Løv Teas truly will stir up the LOVE for anyone this Valentine's Day."


"We've got heart-healthy options on the menu in honor of Valentine's Day."
-Executive Chef Deanna

Executive Chef Deanna is focusing The Table's menu on heart-healthy options in honor of Valentines Day, along with other favorites. "Our distinct creamy oatmeal is made of a blend of oats and grains topped with Big Spoon Peanut Butter. Evening menus will feature classic entrees and salads, along with a few indulgent warm entrees, sauced pastas, hot sandwiches and soups."

Make sure to check the Feature Chalkboard for other daily specials!


Here's a quick update on our upcoming Greensboro location called The Table on Elm. We estimate that our grand opening will be in the month of March. We will keep everyone posted. In the meanwhile, sneak a peek at 227-B S. Elm St. if you're driving through downtown!

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