Happy New Year from the Table

____ ISSUE  No. 30 ____


One of our regulars, AJ, eating a Table staple--a cinnamon roll! What a cutie.

Happy 2018!

"And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been."
-Rainer Maria Rilke


THANK YOU from Dustie


"When I think back on 2017 one word rings true: Community

I think of the Sunday afternoon that we opened The Table to host a Fall Fest Fundraiser for Cove Phillips’ journey toward wholeness; theline of people who showed up to support this precious little girl was all the way down the sidewalk. 

I remember Summer's Swing Dance Night; I watched young and old take a stranger's hand on The Table's lawn and dance under the stars. I remember thecouple who comes every Friday night; this Christmas they graciously brought handmade ornaments with a note of encouragement for my staff.  I think of the "Get Well Soon" cards, prayers and financial support that were passed across our counter to be given to one of our very own during a time of sickness; the homeless man that comes in weekly to eat and the number of guest that ask if they can pay for his meal; lending a helping hand to a homeless family of seven and someone in our community providing shelter, clothing and furniture for them so that the five children could experience a wonderful Christmas. 

“We are each singular threads in the world. We all get to decide what we will tie our lives to. If I tie my resources, my time, to only a thin thread of my own life, my life’s a hopless knotted mess. The thread of your life becomes a tapestry of abundant colors only if it ties itself to other lives…. Reweaving peace, harmony, hope and wholeness means to sacrificially thread, lace and press our time, power, goods and resources into the lives and needs of others….The strong must disadvantage themselves for the weak, themajority for the minority, or the community frays and the fabric breaks."

-Ann Voskamp, TheBroken Way


When delivering some food to a local community shelter before theholidays, the director said to me, “My fear is that one day people will forget about us”.  I truly think that will never happen. I see so many in our community choosing to be woven into a fabric, a fabric that will continue to be strengthened by more and more threads.  As people take risks to rebuild, create jobs, teach, restore the broken, reach for an open hand in need, the community strengthens. We are giving space for growth and hope. We may see it initially as sacrifice, but the return is greater than anything we can imagine. Isn’t that what living in community is all about?


This newsletter is a THANK YOU letter of sorts. It is a thank you to all of you that come to The Table and have a meal with us. It is a thank you to the city that has given us an opportunity to restore and rebuild.  It is for all of you that silently feed the poor, give words of encouragement, provide jobs and take risks to grow, so that others may profit.  It is for my staff who desire to serve our guests well and take pride in their jobs. The Table has thrived over the last almost five years because my incredible staff choose to learn and grow in their trade and in service to our guests. I couldn’t do it without them. I am thankful for my husband and the constant sacrifices he makes for me to continue to dream into this community. Thank you, EVERYONE, for a wonderful year. I look with great anticipation for what 2018 has for this community."

-Dustie Gregson, Owner & Founder



A Certified Barista's Journey


"I started working as a dishwasher at The Tableand was so excited when Dustie approached me about transitioning into coffee. I had a desperate curiosity to learn everything I could about coffee. TheTable's third-wave coffeeprogram using Durham's Counter Culture Coffeebeans was ground-breaking for Asheboro starting with our original barista, Chris Phillips, and it has only gotten better since! Here at The Table I'm always shown how valuable and necessary it is to serve others; I feel so much joy seeing people smile whenever I serve them coffee. This is a community like no other."

-Noah Lowdermilk


"I love Asheboro and chose to move here, because this little town is like one, big family. The community has always shown me amazing support in my coffee passion. It’s such a great feeling when a Table customer says, 'I knew you were working today, so I had to come by and get some coffee.'

My first roles at The Table were in dishwashing/food preparation. I've always loved coffee, and when I began expressing some interest in learning to be a Table barista, Dustie offered me a position. Oddly enough, I turned it down twice, because I had a massive beard and didn’t want to shave it off! However, I finally decided I was truly ready for some change, and the next day my beard was gone; I was ready to take on the new journey of becoming a barista!

Fast forward to today--Noah and I are officially certified baristas through a lot of hard work in our Counter Culture classes and completion of our exams. I feel so honored to be able to perfect my craft and the be the best barista I can be. I enjoy serving a phenomenal product, practicing latte art and pursuing the perfect cup of coffee at a competitive level. We serve in a capacity that is unique to Randolph County and take a lot pride in making sure all of our baristas are fully trained; no matter who is in bar, we can offer a consistent coffee/espresso drink. Thepast several years at The Table has sincerely been an amazing journey of learning and growing beside friends and passing on thecraft to others."

-Justin Moore


BAKERY in Asheboro

Items Available for Pre-Order:

9” Chocolate Pie -$22
Annie Lou’s Pound Cake -$35
9” Vanilla or Chocolate Cake with choice of buttercream: Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate, Caramel or Raspberry -$45
12” Rustic Apple Tart -$28
Gluten Free Cranberry White Chocolate Crumble -$30

Retail Items:

Pound Cake Loaves: Lemon, Buttermilk or Chocolate Chip -$8.95
Sugar Cookies -$4.95
Meringues -$4.95
Vanilla Marshmallows -$4.95
Shortbread -$4.95
Gluten Free Dream Cookies -$4.95

*Please call our BAKERY in GREENSBORO for information about current specials and retail.

*Call 2 business days in advance for any PRE-ORDER items. Please note that each Table location has differing baked goods and retail available.


TABLE ON ELM Exclusive:

Grab-n-Go Yogurt Parfaits
(Pictured Above, Deconstructed)

The Table on Elm, our little sister location in Greensboro, has amazing treats and treasures for those passing through The Triad! Come stop by today; we'd love to see you!

Check out our FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER for upcoming Valentine's Day Specials!


Samantha // Baker, Photographer, Social Media Manager


"When I started at The Table two years ago, I never imagined theamount of change and growth I would experience as both a baker and a photographer. Before I began my journey with The Table, photography was not something I had given much thought to as a career, but more of as a hobby. Along with most people my age, I spent an incredible amount of time on social media. Being science-minded, I really love figuring out what goes into social media and how it really works behind-the-scenes (also as a hobby!).

When Dustie asked me if I wanted to run The Table's social media accounts, I was more than thrilled! The job turned out to be a lot bigger than I had initially thought, but also a whole lot more rewarding! I fully believe the amount of encouragement and support from Dustie played the biggest role in the growth of my art. Her trust and blind faith in my ability to build upon and grow our brand through social media has been key in making it successful. I will forever be thankful to her and the rest of The Table for the overwhelming amount of love and gentle support in both my personal efforts and my career!"

The Square on Church

The Square on Church is Jerry Neal and Dustie Gregson's latest building project next to The Table. To update everyone on the building's renovation process, Mill 133  officially has a roof and is all dried in for Winter. Progress is being made in the Neal Building by cleaning it out and getting it ready for something brand new, which will be announced this Spring 2018.

Follow our progress at our website: www.Mill133.com


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