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The Love of Baking


When people walk into The Table and see the beautiful glass case of pastries, bread and desserts, they ask us, 

"Do you make that here?"

I grew up with a dad who loved to bake bread, and he still does to this day. I have such fond childhood memories of seeing him knead bread with his hands, the aroma of it baking in the oven, the excitement of tearing off a piece of his carefully braided loaf and smearing it with butter while it was still warm. My mom always baked something special when we had guests coming over to our home for dinner; it was usually something she had never baked before, because she loved to try new things! Her love of baking comes from the joy of knowing her guests feel special because of the work of her hands.

When thinking about opening The Table, I wanted those same feelings to be shared--fresh bread, real butter, the creative element of baking something special for our guests. We live in such a fast-paced, busy world; enjoying the simple pleasures of a craft that isn't machine-manufactured, wrapped in plastic with ingredients that you can't pronounce, but instead is crafted in small batches carefully rolled, scooped, kneaded by hand, mixed with fresh ingredients--well, that's the only way to go for me. 

So. to answer our most frequently asked question--YES. We make it all right here in our kitchen, every day, as a part of a very talented group of people who love to bake.

-Dustie Gregson, Owner & Founder


Happy Valentine's Day!

In honor of Valentine's Day, we'll be offering some unique dessert items on Wednesday, February 14th. 

Come have a lovely afternoon tea and treat with a friend or after-dinner dessert with someone special at our Asheboro Bakery. We will be extending the hours The Bakery is open in Asheboro from 2:30pm - 9:00pm.

*Please note that the Eatery will not be open. 


Getting to Know our Head Pastry Chefs


"I had been a stay-at-home mom for a few years and decided it was time to do something different. I decided to enroll as a student at Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) in Greensboro, NC for their Culinary Arts Program. I absolutely fell in


love with my baking classes. I had read an article in the local newspaper about a very interesting bakery that had just opened up, so I went to see about a job. I got the job and stayed there for almost eight years as a baker. Baking was all I could think of anymore!. There I learned how to bake things I had never even heard of before, like Pain Au Chocolate Almond Brioche Toast. Yummy! 


 I feel so thankful for my role at The Table in Asheboro, and now Greensboro, for the past five years. I bake because I love to make people happy--just give someone a cinnamon roll or cookie right out of theoven, and all they can do is smile. When both my grandchildren were living with me, every Monday morning I would have muffins and hot chocolate ready for them when they got out of bed. Little Brayden would come running down the hall yelling, 'MawMaw, where are the mutkins?' Knowing that I can make the people I care about happy, well, that makes me happy."

Head Pastry Chef, The Table on Elm (Greensboro)


"What really ties an event to me in my memory is what I ate, so I love when I get to bake something that's part of a special memory for people, like a birthday cake for my friends' children. One of my dearest memories over the past couple years in my profession included a tender moment with a lady from my church. Her mom had recently passed away, so she had been taking care of her elderly dad. She told me that my Chocolate Pie tasted like what her mom used to bake, so she'd always come by The Table to get it for her dad. Our memories are truly tied to food and the sensations, smells, tastes, feelings that go along.


I get my love of chocolate from my mom; she was a serious chocoholic. She first taught me how to bake brownies from her 1960's Hershey's cookbook. She always had some chocolate squirreled away in my childhood home; I do that too, now! My favorite chocolate bar right now is Lindt's 85% extra dark chocolate; it tastes incredible. My husband, Luke, thought he was marrying Betty Crocker, but I really don't bake too much at home; I just cook. Luckily, he's an excellent baker. If I do bake at home, it's usually to make a chocolate cobbler or apple crisp to bring to a party.  

My favorite Bakery Item right now that we serve at The Table is anything Gluten-free that Samantha bakes. I personally enjoy making our Chocolate Mousse the most, because I adore anything chocolate. It's hard for me to resist our Chocolate Chip Cookies here, too. There is a real science behind our human cravings for pastries and baked sweets; thecombination of salty, crunchy and sweet signal delight and pleasure to our brains. Most importantly, when we get to share sweets with those we love, we feel in our hearts a sense of comfort, reward and satisfaction that is hard to beat!"

Head Pastry Chef, The Table (Asheboro)


BAKERY in Asheboro

Items Available for Pre-Order:

9” Chocolate Pie -$22
Annie Lou’s Pound Cake -$35
9” Vanilla or Chocolate Cake with choice of buttercream:
Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate, Caramel, Raspberry or Strawberry -$45
12” Rustic Apple Tart -$28
Gluten-Free Whoopee Pies (minimum order of 6)-$20
Heart-Shaped Berry Cherry Hand Pies (minimum order of 6) -$28

Retail Items:
Pound Cake loaves: Lemon, Buttermilk or Chocolate Chip -$8.95
Valentine’s Sugar Cookies -$4.95
Meringues -$4.95
Strawberry Marshmallows -$4.95
Shortbread -$4.95

*Call 2 business days in advance for any PRE-ORDER items. Please note that each Table location has differing baked goods and retail available.


Table on Elm (Greensboro)


*Please call our BAKERY in GREENSBORO for information about current specials and retail, like our Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Cake.
We have plenty of gifts and treats for your Valentine!




Check out our specialty breads that our wonderful Bread Baker Horst will be making this month:

Tuesday: Black Russian
If you love our Rueben, then definitely grab a loaf of this fabulous rye bread.

Wednesday: Four Saints Wort
Wort is from the mashing process during the brewing of beer, in this case from our local Four Saints Brewery right here in Asheboro.

Thursday: Black Russian
Fennel seeds give this tender Slavic bread a distinctive licorice flavor, and vinegar gives it slight tang.

Friday: Challah
This deep-gold, braided bread is traditionally served on theJewish Sabbath and other holidays.

Saturday:Jalapeño-Cheddar or Sunflower-Rye
Alternating Saturdays will feature either loaf. The Jalapeño-Cheddar will add some spice to you life, while the Sunflower Rye is definitely more of a comfort food.



Barista's Pick: 
Chocolate Blood Orange Latte


Our feature latte this month marries thegorgeous citrus tang of these locally picked oranges with the rich smoothness of chocolate. Thank you to local farmer Walter Krasuski from Water Puddles by Walter, for these wonderful oranges. Try one out today!

Also, ask your Table barista about using Oatly's Oat Milk in your next coffee beverage. Their Oatmilk is made from liquid oats, which means it isn’t overly sweet or excessively heavy. It's "yummier than almond milk, we may never drink from the cow again!" -Barista Luke


EATERY: Chia Rice Bowl


Our brand new Chia Rice Bowl is something you can't miss! With jasmine rice steeped in green tea, Thai coconut milk, chia and lime, this dish is healthy and delicious.

Market: Waxing Kara's Body Butters & Honey


Waxing Kara's body butters, honey and plethora of products  are featured this month in The Table's Market. They are designed to soothe, brighten, and rebalance skin thanks to pure honey and other natural ingredients-no artificial colors or fragrances, parabens, or sulfates are used in these formulas. Enjoy spa quality products in the comfort of your home. All honey scrub and butter is handmade right here in the USA. Cruelty free, eco friendly, and so good for your skin.

We are offering a free gift box with any gift purchase of $20 or more. Our gable boxes come with blush and pink tissue and is perfect to fill with a Table gift card and Waxing Kara Body Butter. 

Also, check out our best-selling Lov Teas (like, Lov is Beautiful) in stock this month! This organic blend of light, fruity flavours will help make life brighter. White tea, green tea and rooibos combine to create a delicate base, complemented by apricot and natural peach flavours for a lovely, gentle finish. The mango and pineapple pieces add an exotic touch, and are sure to brighten up your day."


RhinoLeap Productions presents:
Forever Plaid

Forever Plaid.jpg

Come support Asheboro's local theater company, RhinoLeap Productions, by attending a performance of Forever Plaidfrom April 5-15 at The Sunset Theatre.

Forever Plaid is one of the most popular, successful musicals in off-Broadway history. This deliciously fun revue is chock-full of classic harmonies and delightful scenes that keep audiences rolling in the aisles when they're not humming along to some of the great nostalgic pop hits of the 1950s.

The Table is proud to support these wonderful local artists. Register to win 2 tickets and a gift card from The Table in the amount of $30 when you come in on Valentine's Day!

 Click here to purchase tickets now!

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