Our Story

The Table represents all the things that I loved growing up and all the things I love about my life now with my three sons and  husband. I grew up in a small country community in North Carolina. My childhood memories were summer evenings on the screened in porch, fresh okra, sweet corn, juicy tomatoes pulled from the garden by our house and homemade buttermilk biscuits dripping with blackberry preserves.  My mom created a comfortable space, and her passion for cooking what Dad picked from the garden gave me the palate to know what was good.  The gracious way she welcomed and treated our guests gave me a love for southern hospitality.

I now live across the road from that little garden and screened in porch. My husband, Andy, and I have raised 3 incredible young men. Our times around the table were foundational.  I guess my love for family, friends, good food and conversation inspired me to bring all those elements to our community. My search for a place and concept was ongoing for about eight years.  Through prayer and patience we were blessed with a beautiful building that was built in 1925 and is now in the Historical Registry.  Andy and I spent a lot of time scraping windows, pulling down plaster and painting.  I am thankful for the hours spent renovating because the building became ours…it took on a heartbeat.  We were not only preparing the physical structure but we were preparing an atmosphere like we had at home.  Our doors opened in 2013 to a community that embraced us. We are thankful for community and a team of creative individuals that have helped us bring amazing food, pastries, breads and espresso to The Table.